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Stratherrick & Foyers Community Council



File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
05. SFCC Minutes 280524.pdf18 June 2024605kB
04. SFCC minutes 300424.pdf18 June 2024523kB
03. SFCC minutes 260324.pdf23 May 2024612kB
02. SFCC minutes 270224.pdf23 May 2024615kB
01. SFCC minutes 300124.pdf02 March 2024631kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
01. SFCC minutes 310123.pdf24 February 2023489kB
02. SFCC minutes 280223.pdf23 May 2023607kB
03. SFCC minutes 280323.pdf23 May 2023488kB
04. SFCC minutes 250423.pdf29 May 2023492kB
05. SFCC minutes 300523.pdf29 June 2023497kB
06. SFCC minutes 270623.pdf25 September 2023617kB
07. SFCC minutes 290823.pdf25 September 2023610kB
08. SFCC minutes 260923.pdf06 November 2023619kB
09. SFCC minutes 071123.pdf13 November 2023647kB
10. SFCC minutes 281123.pdf18 December 2023624kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
01. SFCC minutes 250122.pdf26 April 2022230kB
02. SFCC minutes 220222.pdf26 April 2022617kB
03. SFCC minutes 290322.pdf26 April 2022677kB
04. SFCC minutes 260422.pdf27 May 2022607kB
05. SFCC minutes 310522. SFCC minutes 310522.pdf15 June 2022602kB
06. SFCC minutes 300822.pdf20 September 2022173kB
07. SFCC minutes 270922.docx.pdf28 November 2022583kB
08. SFCC minutes 251022.pdf28 November 2022604kB
09. SFCC minutes 291122.pdf24 January 2023595kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
01. SFCC minutes 260121.pdf15 July 2021643kB
02. SFCC minutes 230221.pdf15 July 2021640kB
03. SFCC minutes 300321.pdf15 July 2021612kB
04. SFCC minutes 270421.pdf15 July 2021622kB
05. SFCC minutes 250521.pdf15 July 2021616kB
06. SFCC minutes 290621.pdf26 July 2021645kB
07. SFCC minutes 310821.pdf07 October 2021603kB
08. SFCC minutes 280921.pdf01 November 2021611kB
09. SFCC minutes 261021.pdf24 November 2021602kB
10. SFCC minutes 301121.pdf05 January 2022182kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
01. SFCC minutes 280120.pdf04 September 2020314kB
02. SFCC minutes 250220 1.pdf04 September 2020490kB
03. SFCC minutes 280420.pdf04 September 2020483kB
04. SFCC minutes 260520.pdf04 September 2020477kB
05. SFCC minutes 300620.pdf12 November 2020488kB
06. SFCC minutes 250820.pdf12 November 2020495kB
07. SFCC minutes 290920.pdf12 November 2020494kB
08. SFCC minutes 271020.pdf12 November 2020620kB
09. SFCC minutes 241120.pdf15 July 2021220kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
02. SFCC minutes 260219 1.pdf04 September 2020170kB
03. SFCC minutes 260319.pdf04 September 202053kB
06. SFCC minutes 250619.pdf04 September 2020647kB
07. SFCC minutes 270819.pdf04 September 2020289kB
08. SFCC minutes 240919.pdf04 September 2020328kB
09. SFCC minutes 291019.pdf04 September 2020312kB
10. SFCC minutes 191119.pdf04 September 2020300kB
11. SFCC minutes 171219 inagural meeting.pdf04 September 2020266kB
11. SFCC minutes 171219.pdf04 September 2020305kB
APRIL 2019 MINUTES.pdf04 September 2020337kB
MAY MINUTES 2019.pdf04 September 2020335kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
01. SFCC Minutes 300118.pdf04 September 2020827kB
02. SFCC Minutes 270218.pdf04 September 202053kB
03. SFCC Minutes 270318.pdf04 September 2020791kB
04. SFCC Minutes 240418.pdf04 September 2020788kB
05. SFCC Minutes 290518.pdf04 September 2020922kB
AGM Minutes 29 May 2018.pdf04 September 2020796kB
06. SFCC Minutes 260618 1.pdf04 September 2020232kB
07. SFCC Minutes 280818 1.pdf04 September 2020254kB
08. SFCC Minutes 250918.pdf04 September 2020231kB
09. SFCC Minutes 301018.pdf04 September 2020200kB
10. SFCC Minutes 271118.pdf04 September 202053kB
11. SFCC Minutes 181218.pdf04 September 2020199kB
Appendix 1 CHAIRS REPORT MAY 2018.pdf04 September 2020494kB
Appendix 2 S and F CC Accounts 2018.pdf04 September 202047kB
Liaison 27 March 2018.pdf04 September 2020226kB
Liaison 29 May 2018 1.pdf04 September 202084kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
SFCC Minutes 310117.pdf04 September 202061kB
SFCC Minutes 280217 1.pdf04 September 202060kB
SFCC Minutes 280317.pdf04 September 202061kB
SFCC Minutes 250417 1.pdf04 September 202044kB
SFCC Minutes 300517.pdf04 September 202064kB
AGM Minutes 30 May 2017.pdf04 September 202025kB
CHAIRS REPORT MAY 2017.pdf04 September 202029kB
S and F CC Accounts 2017 Signed.pdf04 September 2020450kB
SFCC Minutes 270617.pdf04 September 202046kB
SFCC Minutes 250717.pdf04 September 202046kB
SFCC Minutes 260917.pdf04 September 2020698kB
SFCC Minutes 241017.pdf04 September 2020937kB
SFCC Minutes 281117.pdf04 September 202063kB
SFCC Minutes 191217.pdf04 September 2020785kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
SFCC Meeting Minutes 260116.pdf04 September 2020213kB
SFCC Minutes 201216.pdf04 September 202039kB
SFCC Minutes 230216 1.pdf04 September 2020335kB
SFCC Minutes 260416.pdf04 September 2020331kB
SFCC Minutes 260716.pdf04 September 2020397kB
SFCC Minutes 270916.pdf04 September 2020117kB
SFCC Minutes 280616.pdf04 September 2020369kB
SFCC Minutes 290316 DRAFT.pdf04 September 2020339kB
SFCC Minutes 310516.pdf04 September 2020119kB
SFCC Minutes 291116.pdf04 September 2020540kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Minutes April 28.pdf04 September 202088kB
25aug2015.pdf04 September 202074kB
29sep2015.pdf04 September 2020162kB
Minutes March 31.pdf04 September 2020140kB
Minutes May 2015.pdf04 September 2020141kB
Minutes30july2015.pdf04 September 202074kB
24 February 2015.pdf04 September 2020148kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
MINUTES 16th December 2014.pdf04 September 202015kB
SFCC Minutes 24 June 2014.pdf04 September 202038kB
SFCC MINUTES 28th October 2014.pdf04 September 202023kB
SFCC Minutes 30th September 2014.pdf04 September 202021kB
Adopted SFCC Minutes 27 May 2014.pdf04 September 202061kB
SFCC Minutes 10 June 2014.pdf04 September 202063kB
SFCC Minutes 11February20141.pdf04 September 2020263kB
SFCC Minutes 25February20141.pdf04 September 2020267kB
SFCC Minutes 25March20141.pdf04 September 2020219kB
SFCC MINUTES 25th November 2014.pdf04 September 2020201kB
SFCC Minutes 26 AUG 2014.pdf04 September 2020135kB
SFCC Minutes 28January 20141.pdf04 September 2020245kB
SFCC Minutes 29April20141.pdf04 September 2020221kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
CM 20 Aug 2013.pdf04 September 2020167kB
CM 5 Aug 2013.pdf04 September 2020157kB
CM 6 Aug 2013.pdf04 September 2020194kB
SFCC Minutes 17 September 20131.pdf04 September 2020286kB
SFCC Minutes 24 September 20131.pdf04 September 2020253kB
SFCC Minutes 26 November20131.pdf04 September 2020157kB
SFCC Minutes 27 Aug 20131.pdf04 September 2020278kB
SFCC_Minutes_17_December_20131.pdf04 September 2020208kB
SFCC_Minutes_29_Oct_20131.pdf04 September 2020274kB
CM 23 July 2013.pdf04 September 2020166kB
CM 26 Feb 2013.pdf04 September 2020120kB
CM 26 Mar 2013.pdf04 September 2020121kB
desktop.ini04 September 20200kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
CM 18 Dec 2012.pdf04 September 2020114kB
CM 22 May 2012.pdf04 September 2020115kB
CM 23 Oct 2012.pdf04 September 2020114kB
CM 24 Apr 2012.pdf04 September 2020114kB
CM 24 Jan 2012.pdf04 September 202097kB
CM 25 Sep 2012.pdf04 September 2020120kB
CM 26 Jun 2012.pdf04 September 2020117kB
CM 27 Nov 2012.pdf04 September 2020124kB
CM 28 Aug 2012.pdf04 September 2020121kB
CM 28 Feb 2012.pdf04 September 2020126kB
Cm 29 Mar 2012.pdf04 September 2020186kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
cc AGM 2011.pdf04 September 202049kB
CM April 2011.pdf04 September 202087kB
Concil minutes Aug 23 2011.pdf04 September 202093kB
Council minutes 13 dec 2011.pdf04 September 202077kB
Council minutes 22 nov 2011.pdf04 September 202089kB
Council minutes 23 march 2011.pdf04 September 2020103kB
Council minutes 25 Oct 2011.pdf04 September 202087kB
Council minutes January 25 2011.pdf04 September 202086kB
Council minutes June 28 2011.pdf04 September 2020102kB
Council miutes 22 Feb 2011.pdf04 September 202082kB
Councill minutes May 24 2011.pdf04 September 202093kB
ouncil minutes 27 Sep 2011.pdf04 September 202090kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Council minutes April 27 2010.pdf04 September 202019kB
Council minutes August 24 2010.pdf04 September 202076kB
Council minutes Dec 7 2010.pdf04 September 202063kB
Council minutes February 23 2010.pdf04 September 202093kB
Council minutes January 26 2010.pdf04 September 202082kB
Council minutes June 22 2010.pdf04 September 202077kB
Council minutes March 23 2010.pdf04 September 202019kB
Council minutes May 25 2010.pdf04 September 202017kB
Council minutes Nov 23 2010.pdf04 September 202083kB
Council minutes Oct 26 2010.pdf04 September 202073kB
Council minutes September 28 2010.pdf04 September 202079kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Council minutes December 15 20091.pdf04 September 202069kB
Council minutes January 27 2009.pdf04 September 2020100kB
Council minutes June 23 2009.pdf04 September 202073kB
Council minutes March 24 2009.pdf04 September 2020102kB
Council minutes September 1 2009.pdf04 September 202087kB
Council minutes September 22 2009.pdf04 September 202066kB
Council minutes April 28 2009.pdf04 September 2020125kB
Council minutes February 24 2009.pdf04 September 202097kB
Council minutes May 26 2009.pdf04 September 2020122kB
Council minutes Oct 17 2009.pdf04 September 202076kB