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Stratherrick & Foyers Community Council

Craig Lightbody

Craig Lightbody

Community Council Member

I am Craig Lightbody. I have lived in lower Foyers since 2016 but
have been living in the Stratherrick and Foyers Community since
2008. I love living here. There is a strong Community spirit
which really showed during the covid epidemic and i feel proud to
be part of it.

I was a co-opted member of the community council for almost two
years until becoming an officially elected member in November
this year.  I have volunteered to become the Community Council
Liaison officer to the Stratherrick and Foyers Community
Trust. This position has been vacant for a number of years now
and I feel it is very important for the Community Council to
reconnect with the Trust to help steer it in the direction our
community wants it to go, making it more transparent and open to
our communities needs.

I am very happy to represent anyone in the community at the
community council meetings with any issues you may have.